Manos Greek Taverna: Where to eat in Tagaytay City, Philippines

each time somebody mentions Greek food, the memories of my college days come flooding my brain. In particular, those weekends when I had to travel from the university to Batangas to spend time with family. It’s not since I utilized to like this cuisine. The reality is, I had not had a spoonful of any type of Aegean meal up until most likely two years ago. It’s just that to get to our side of Batangas, we have to pass with the city of Tagaytay. Back then, whenever we did,  my interest was typically captivated by a little white as well as blue restaurant along the highway. because my freshman year in college, I found it every Saturday however never had I ever stopped as well as made an effort to try it.

Inside Manos Greek Taverna
We left my friend’s goat farm in Lian, Batangas just after sunset. An hour later, we were still on the road, sharing our preferred music as well as horror stories. By the time we went into Tagaytay, nobody was speaking anything. We were starving yet we might not pick from the lanes of restaurants that flank the Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway. That’s when I brought up the concept of going Greek for the night.

Manos Greek Taverna moved from a small nook along  the road to a much more beautiful location. now with a twin hotel, it is perched on a cliff overlooking Taal Lake. Unfortunately, it was already evening so there was no view to admire. The temperature, however, was certainly Tagaytay, a realization that was brought about by our unpreparedness. After all, we came from a beach trip as well as we did not truly plan on stopping here.

Like the Hellenic flag, the interiors of the restaurant were dominated by white as well as a unique shade of blue (somewhat cerulean however a shade darker, or perhaps since it was night time). We chosen a corner as well as flipped the pages of their blue menu bearing pictures of the dishes as well as their Greek names.

After making an order, we were provided a tall glass of water each, the begin of our long wait on our food. I wasn’t keeping tabs of time however it felt like forever, possibly since we were famished even before we arrived. say thanks to the Greek gods the weather condition was ideal as well as the cold environment was somewhat keeping us entertained.

When our food was served, it did not stay long sufficient on the plates. They were completed five minutes later. We were that hungry. That as well as since the food was great.

Chicken a la Corfu (P260) is half poultry boiled in a soup of onion stalks as well as cinnamon cloves. The poultry was so tender (fantastic!). however the cinnamon, which I was not that huge a fan of, was overpowering all the other ingredients. Overall, it was a fantastic option as well as it’s huge sufficient for 2 pax.
Greek Shawarma (P130). By default, they utilize lamb for this appetizer however beef, pork, as well as poultry versions are available. like the typical gyros, it has tzatziki as well as onions as well as is wrapped in pita bread.
Souvlaki (P160) pork cuts grilled on a skewer, served with tzatziki (yoghurt sauce), cabbage salad, as well as potato fries. The meat isn’t dry as well as overcooked as well as the dip complimented it well.
Macaronia me Kima (P170). Pasta in fresh tomato sauce (with red wine, onions, as well as parmesan cheese). It tasted like your regular meat sauce spaghetti, to be honest.
Spanakopita (P90), a kind of fried lumpia full of spinach, onion leaves, as well as feta cheese.
Like I said, it was my very first time to try Greek cuisine so I had no point of comparison as well as judged it according to my own taste. (Later I would try Cyma as well as would discover it much, much much more delightful than Manos, however much much more expensive, too.) The service as well as the presentation have huge spaces for improvement. Still, I left the location with a full tummy, a pleased palate, as well as a newfound appreciation for Greek food.

How to get there: You can take a bus bound for Tagaytay at EDSA-Taft in Pasay City. Disembark at Olivarez Plaza as well as take a tricycle to the restaurant.

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