SOUTHEAST ASIA: diy Backpacking Itineraries and Routes (2 Weeks)

So you have only two weeks to travel around Southeast Asia? Well, that’s definitely NOT enough, but you can still have a terrific time.

This topic — sample 2-week multi-country itineraries for Southeast Asia — is one of the most requested from us. and we get it. Travelers who have very limited time tend to squeeze everything into their itinerary in hopes of maximizing the rare opportunity they have. We’re not really fans of it, and we always advocate staying longer, but alas that’s easier said than done for full-time employees who have finite leave credits.

So here it is!

In this post, we’ll be focusing on Singapore and continental Southeast Asia that are best explored by land: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Although it is possible to travel to Myanmar by land, the most convenient way of reaching it is still by plane. For Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysian Borneo, we’ll be creating separate posts for them, so we’re not including them here.

These are sample 2-week itineraries. emphasis on 2-week. If you have fewer days, you might want to check out this post: sample Southeast Asian Itineraries (5-7 Days)

If you need help planning or budgeting your trip, this post might help: Southeast Asia travel Guide

Dôležité poznámky:

The sample itineraries here are all multi-country, which means you will be crossing a border on at least two points during the trip. If you’re an ASEAN resident, no need for visa. If not, make sure you do the necessary paperwork.

Every sample itinerary has an indicated Estimated budget range. The lower end of the range assumes you’re staying at a dorm in a hostel, the higher end if you’re staying in a private double room and splitting the cost with a companion. It also allocates around US$30 per day for activities. The $30/day allowance has a big margin already and should only serve as a guideline. If you spend $50 on a tour today, then pull a diy or adjust your activity spending the next day.

Hotel stop means the city where you will be spending the night. even if most of your day is spent in Ayutthaya but you will be spending the night in Bangkok, it will be tagged Bangkok. If the day is tagged Transit, it means you will be spending the night on the road (overnight train or bus).

Tours are done DIY-style. but if you want to join a group tour for comfort, we’ve provided links below so you can book in advance.

If your hostel or hotel does not serve free breakfast, check out the supermarket on your first day to buy food (biscuits, drinks, bread).

We’re using major airport hubs as entry and exit points — Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok — because tickets to these airports are usually the cheapest.

Useful links are provided for each sample itinerary. This will allow you to book bus transfers or tours. hotel recommendations are also provided towards the end of this post.

Airfare is not included in the estimate.

To book bus or train seats in advance, Reserve Here!

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